About The Owner

Mike McCarty, the President of Southern Home Builders has 37 years of commitment to this industry. He began his career in 1972 and has learned the business from the ground up.


Hillsboro Harbor Residence

"When I selected Southern Home Builders, I knew my choice of contractor was critical. Mike rose above the field and, in the end, it came down to his fingernails. Mike is a hands-on builder. A hands-on general contractor made all the difference to me. Whenever I showed-up at the site, as I did every day, Mike was there. From digging the foundation to painting the ceilings, Mike's attention to detail was as flawless as the end result. Managing a $1.3 construction budget with no compromise to quality was big challenge. Mike worked with me to wrest the best value from each subcontractor and material supplier. We nailed the budget! I would select Southern Home Builders again in a heartbeat."

John LaDouceur, Owner
Hillsboro Harbor Project


Brochu Residence

"Southern Home Builders did an extensive renovation for our daughter and son in laws home in which they were very pleased with the end results and especially with the interaction throughout with Southern Homes personnel and their sub contractors.

Several years later, when Joan and I set out to have our Dream Home on the Intra costal built, Mike McCarty was the first individual we contacted. We interviewed other builders but we were convinced that with Mike and his team, this would be a pleasant experience. We totally enjoyed the 8 months it took to complete the entire project and we are extremely pleased with the design and quality of our home. " 

Joan and Mike Brochu, Owner
Brochu Project

Ponce De Leon Residence

"We are absolutely thrilled with the beautiful home that Southern Home Builders built for us.  The quality of the work is excellent and the project came in on time and on budget - unheard of these days.  Above all, they made the process much easier than we expected - it was a pleasure working with the builder!  We highly recommend Southern Homes to anyone building a new home or considering a major renovation project."

James and Lisa Berger, Owner
Ponce De Leon Project

Law Office

lawoffice"Southern Home Builders recently completed a substantial expansion and renovation of our firm's offices.  We were concerned about getting the work done right without interrupting our business.  Southern Home Builders not only delivered a beautiful product, they also did so in a courteous and professional manner and, most importantly to us, they delivered on their commitment to make sure that the project did not adversly impact our daily operations." 

James Berger
Berger Singerman Attorneys At Law


Powertech Interiors

"I have known Mike McCarty, owner of Southern Home Builders for five years as a business associate. I can confirm that he is a man of great integrity, is extremely dedicated to his work, and is entirely capable to accomplish any task brought upon him.

As years have passed I have witnessed his dedication to his customers. He is one of the best general contractors I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. I would recommend Mike and Southern Homes to anyone who is looking for a professional contractor that takes pride in their work."

Athur Godin, Vice President
Powertech Interiors


Pasquale Kuritzky Architecture, Inc.

"Southern Home Builders is an unique group of craftsmen that have over and over built quality into their homes. Mike McCarty, president of Southern Home Builders, blends and manages the design and construction team to achieve a high level of excellence in the workmanship of every detail. We can always accomplish the goals of our clients with Southern Home Builders on the team."

Joe Pasquale, Architect

RD Architecture

"We have had the pleasure of working with Southern Home Builders, Inc. on a number of occasions over the past several years. They have always conducted themselves in a highly professional and competent mannner. The jobs are well coordinated with high quality results. Mike McCarty is a pleasure to work with.

I look forward to working with Mike and company more often in the future and would recommend Southern Home Builders, Inc. highly."

Robin R. deDon, Architect - RD Architecture, Inc.